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Custom Photography: Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida

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Life Extension - Vitamins and Supplements

Photography and the health of a Photographer

When you buy a supplement from a drug or grocery store what do you know about the quality of the supplement or the organization that produced the supplement?

Photography is both a creative and a physical process. If you want to take professional-looking  pictures, you need to be in decent physical condition. If you want to develope your creativity, you also have to be in decent physical condition. Your brain which is an important part of your creative process needs the right nutrients to feed itself and defend itself against your body and external factors in the photographer's environment.

I'm sure many photographers have different opinions about the Afordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. To me, the most important part of this law is the emphasis on preventive care and quality care(has the doctor solved your problem) over quantity(how many useless tests and office visits have you been subjected to)

However important the health care system is to your overall health; you are still the most important player in your health. My belief is that from the moment, you are born to the moment you die your body is envolved in a civil war that is happening thousands of times every second. I also believe the earliest point you pick the right side in this war the longer you will live.

I am a member and affiliate of the "Life Extension Foundation." Yearly I spend over $1000 toward products that this organization provides. I do this because I believe my good health is due in large part from reading the literature that this organization provides and using their products. I also try to cut down on saturated and trans-fats, all forms of sugar and try to cut down on the time that I sit down. In December of 2012 I weighed over 190 pounds and couldn't stop gaining weight. At 5.5' that is way overweight. Losing weight is more than doing one simple thing(you need to watch the below video on weight) but using LEF products for weight loss and maintenance was a major factor in losing weight to 170 pounds. Losing weight at my age is harder because most people my age do not have rigourous excercise routines. Today(3/1/14) my weight hovers around 171 pounds. Eventually I will lose another 10 pounds, but that would involve doing more exercise or sticking a 2 beer limit.  I have decent health for a man of 70 years and I attribute most of my good health as a result of my membership in LEF.

 Fort Pierce Photographer   At 70,  I believe I am in decent shape. I have bought into what they are saying at LEF, and I attribute my mental and physical shape to using their products. Do I do all the things I should be doing to have perfect health? Of course not, for one thing I enjoy having several beers at my favorite watering holes during the weekend. Because I have a distance to drive home, I never get too drunk, but I always exceed the two beer limits. In my defense, I usually drink beers that have the least amount of alcohol in each bottle. 


 I heartily suggest you check on the above link and investigate this organization to see if there are some answers to your own health problems. If you are a Photographer in bad health, it is hard to be creative. Like the other products on my website, most of which I have purchased myself - I believe in what the 'Life Extension Foundation' has to offer. If you feel that you need to go beyond what you hear on a five-minute  TV segment that only presents one point of view and what your doctor tells you in your five-minute  visit than you need to click on the above links. Doing so may be the smartest thing you have ever done.


The Science of Weight Loss

Important and life changing information wrapped in a vanilla presentation. Need to stick with it, worth the 50 minutes of your life to view video. 



Life Extension Special Membership Offer


300x250 Chef-Prepared

A step up from TV dinners, the woman who created this company has a background in the effects both good and bad of our food choices. When I order I usually order six meals at a time because you pay the same shipping cost for six meals or one meal. 

 Listed below are important nutients that are backed up by research. I have been taking these products for several years.

Multi-vitamin and minerals


Vitamin D3 with Sea-Iodine

EPA/DHA with Seasame Lignans & Olive Fruit Extract




Anti-Alcohol Antioxidants