Custom Pictures of  Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port Saint Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida 
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Custom Photography: Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida

Photography Workshop training with one on one hands on teaching.

 Photographer's House For Sale

home in Fort Pierce Spanish Lakes FairwaysYou have spent a lifetime of working for people and living their dreams. But what about your dreams of taking some exciting pictures. If you are 55 years or older take that first step and live your own dream. Explore your personal vision of Photography as a Photographer covering Fort Pierce, Vero, Port St. Lucie and the many exciting places on the Treasure Coast. And lastly Spanish Lakes Fairways(<<<click for picture show) the community that I live in offers some interesting opportunities for good pictures.

Please experience the below videos. Maybe just possibly you could be the one who gets to live your dreams.

Melissa Fort Pierce studio 

                 *If you take one of my workshop courses, I will take the course fee off of the price of my house upon purchase of house. 

If you meet the below criteria you may be able to take advantage of my offer.

  1. Must be 55 or older but young at heart and willing to take a chance on yourself.
  2. Must have a basic understanding of desk-top  computers and not panic when things go wrong because things sometimes go wrong with computers. Everything I do that is artistic, except for taking pictures or video, is done with a computer. If you want to take your photography to the limits of your creative ability and you don't have someone to translate your vision on a computer, then you need to learn enough to translate your vision to a computer. If you are interesting in making the same boring snapshots as most photographers produce than click off of this site.


   If you watch the video, you will see that this is not your average house for sale offer. Yes, I am offering a house for sale, details further below, but I am offering far more(please keep reading to get to the more part). Although I will sell my house to a legitimate buyer, I would prefer to offer a package deal to someone who is looking forward to expanding their knowledge of photography and perhaps have some type of photography business. This is fine for me because I am looking for someone who is retired but not dead. Someone who is looking to do some of the things they weren't able to do in their work career. So inaddition to offering things like a new Dell XPS computer, color/bw laser printer, lighting and background setups and the right software to make exciting pictures.

   I am also offering one month of free training so that the perspective photographer can learn some of the things I have learned such as building and getting visitors to your site, video slide shows, basic lighting and developing your pictures. 

   If helps to have a resource who can answer your questions when you need to learn the many things you need to know in photography. If you like my pictures and think I have something to teach you and you are looking to accelerate your development as a photographer: then this is a good deal.

The sale includes the equiptment you need to produce the type of pictures and videos that you see on this site.

  1. New Dell XPS dimension computer with dual monitors (21” and 17”), 12gigs of ram and a decent video card, new hard drive. If you're an extreme gamer than this computer is not for you. If you want to produce the type of things that I do on my site than this computer is all that you would want.
  2. 1 printer (HP color/BW 600dpi laser.)
  3. All of the pictures and the slide show itself were created using the software in this computer. Sale includes lessons in how to use the software.
  4. Canon 5d MkII(cost $2700 new), 3 Canon lenses(50mm,28-135mm, 100mm L series), 3 Canon flash units and a Canon flash transmitter to coordinate the units.
  5. Profoto Pro-Tungsten Air Basic Kit(with 1000w halogn lmp) - to be used with Softbox for video and single pictures. 
  6. Modifyers: Small Beauty dish, umbrella ,Strip softbox and Profhoto HR Softbox(1.5X3.5') with Profoto speed ring.  
  7. Four light stands.
  8. Two Green screens and white background paper.
  9. Store Mannequin: what can you do with a mannequin? You might be surprised. Click on Mannequin Page.
  10. Real Doll: (Sky)  I will guanatee that you will be totally surprised after you see what I will do with a real doll.


Thank you for showing interest in my house. I will try to give an overview of what is for sale. Spanish Lakes Fairways is an adult community the potential buyer must be 55 years or older.

   Manufactured house built in 1989 but with most areas of the house rebuilt in 2004 and 2005. Includes two bedrooms and two baths, Florida room, tool shed and carport. Although I own the house I rent the land and must pay a maintenance fee each month. Maintenance includes lawn mowing and trimming and taking care of the complex (golf course, pools, clubhouse and the many activities that take place in the complex.) I live in an adult community so you must be 55+ but young at heart because there is plenty of social activities going on.

   I have decided to sell the house as a turn key sale (pretty much everything comes with the house: washer and dryer, 2TV’s, surround sound, DVD recorder, furniture, pots, some utensils, sheets, towels, garden equipment including a ladder for the roof etc.) In addition I will put in a new refrigerator upon completion of the sale(Nothing wrong with my current refrigerator, but I thought the new owner might want something with an ice cube making machine in the front and more energy efficient.) Although I am willing to sell to any legitimate buyer my first choice buyer is someone with an interest in photography. As you can see in the above video show I only use the Florida room as a mini-photo studio for portrait and model photography. Further I put white blinds on all the windows in the Florida room to improve the lighting in my pictures and absorb some of the heat during the summer months. The living room was redesigned complete with Halogen overhead accent lights and a fresh coat of paint to show off my pictures. I like looking at my pictures and if I'm the only one who likes looking at my pictures it was worth the effort.

 A lot of money was spent in rebuilding the house because of the two hurricanes in 2004. Having gone though that experience I rebuilt things (new roof, carport, shed and Florida room.) to withstand a hurricane level 2 and 3 with less damage than the house I brought. I put in a new roof that featured better material than the old roof had been built with. I also put up new siding on the outside and reinforced with ½ in plywood boards (I was unhappy with the flimsy material they previously had under the siding.) I had already put hurricane and burglar resistance film on all of my windows the new front and screen door and sliding glass door to Florida room. Before the hurricane I also put in a new air conditioner and heating system. The last thing I did was put up shutters on every window except the kitchen window overlooking the carport.

 Obviously there are more things I can mention such as monthly maintenance, insurance costs (not cheap but compared to the price of insuring a $250,000 home really quite a bargain), tax (really low) and the pluses and minuses of living in an area that is close to many exciting areas: see> Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Port St Lucie <but in a more relaxed country setting without the noise and overtaxed city living. If you are a serious buyer I will answer all questions.

Bid price starts at $63,000

$1000 rebate after sale is complete.

 Click now for your chance to live your dreams:

email address: 



I can be contacted at tel# 772-882-7868
14289 Zorzal ave. Fort Pierce, Florida 34951

  Richard Hemingway


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After the Sale

I will still live in the Fort Pierce area, so if you are interested in co-photo shoots or joint ventures, I will listen to anything that seems reasonable. I would also need a place where my students can take some studio photos and may need to rent the same equiptment that I am selling for my  work shop business.

For a good look at the type of pictures that I like to take. Please check out my One Model Place page. Must be over 18 to view this page.


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Is it time for a
Learn new ways to create pictures and, photograph some of the best scenery on the Treasure Coast, including Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Port Saint Lucie or even a lively photo session with a model. Finish the night celebrating at one of the many Tiki bars and restaurants in the area.

What I am offering is different then most photography workshops or training classes in that it is hands-on and covers the full process of taking a picture(s) and crafting your picture(s) using the right software. No slide shows from some expert: with my help you will craft some interesting pictures that you can proudly display wherever you want. If you opt for some extra workshop time I will show you how to make a video show or put your pictures on a web site.

And when you are finished at day's end, I will show you the interesting places in Fort Pierce or Vero Beach or Port St Lucie. Think of me as your guide to good food and better drinks.


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